Dofollow high PageRank (PR) web directories

What are Do follow web directories?

Answer: Do follow Web directories are those directories that do not add a “No Follow” tag to your submitted link, thereby allowing you to get a highly valuable backlink. The Do follow tag tells the search engine that outgoing link is creditable and of importance.

How can I get a backlink from such directories?

Answer: Getting a backlink from high PR Web directories is not an easy job. Most directories have moderators that go through your site and check if it can be added to their elite directory of site in the niches where you have submitted it. To increase the probability of a successful submission, submit your site to the most suitable subcategory in which your site falls and add valuable contents related to that category on your site.

Will this help in bringing traffic to the site?

Answer: Any valuable backlink directly or indirectly helps in bringing traffic. As the High PR do follow web directories provide you with a valuable backlink, search engines start considering your site something valuable in the niche concerned thereby increasing your search rankings. This way the incoming traffic to your site can increase. Also, many people visit these web directories for finding sites of value in their niche of interest and they can also land to your site.

Does it help in the SEO of my site?

Answer: Obviously, it helps in the search engine optimization of your site by providing a valuable backlink to it.

high pr web directories

List of Do follow (high PR) web directories:

PageRank (PR) 8

PageRank (PR) 7

PageRank (PR) 6

PageRank (PR) 5



PageRank (PR) 4



PageRank (PR) 3

PageRank (PR) 2





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