Dofollow high PageRank (PR) Article Directories

What are Do follow article directories?

Answer: Do follow article directories are those directories in which the articles can have outgoing links that have a do follow tag instead of a no follow tag. It means that search engines can crawl through those links and they can be thus considered of importance by the search engines.

How can one use these do follow article directories?

Answer: These article directories can be used for valuable backlinks that can lead to improvement in the PR of a website and boost its search engine rankings. All one need to do is submit an article related to the niche of their site to one of such article directories with outgoing links to their website with proper anchor text. More the number of articles submitted, more can one get the backlinks.

Are their any other advantages of these directories?

Answer: Yes, the advantages can be many; one of which includes traffic from the people who read submitted articles. These article directories have visitors who visit their site for reading new articles and if they happen to stumble down your article, they might visit your site as well.

Are submissions to article directories really important for off-page SEO?

Answer: With new updates coming from search engines now and then, nothing can be said in certain for this. But its always better not to leave any stone unturned in the web business and getting backlinks from High PR article directories is one of them, so you can’t simply overlook it.

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List of Dofollow (high PR) Article Directories:-

PageRank (PR) 7

PageRank (PR) 6

PageRank (PR) 5

PageRank (PR) 4

PageRank (PR) 3

PageRank (PR) 2

PageRank (PR) 1

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