Google Updated the Page Rank in February 2013 – Does it really matter now a days?

Google updated its first page (toolbar update) rank for the year 2013 (February 5 th). Normally, Google update the PR every 3 months and last time they updated it on November, 2012.

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Hope you guys got some good news in this new update, and even if you haven’t got any hike in PR or got decline in PR – you need not take it too serious! Surprised ??? Yes! This is what I am going to explain in this article!

Now a days everyone seems so be excited about the page rank, and also I get so many mails to my inbox via my websites asking for links (paid links). I don’t know why people are still crazy about the Page rank despite of having low preference of PR on SERPs (Search engine ranking positions) form Google.

The only thing which is important now is –

  1. Good content (not a well rewritten content)
  2. Good website interface
  3. Few quality back links ( trust me ! its from my experience)

The reason I tell these is due to a simple reason because I have seen several sites with PR 5, 6 and 7, and still having low traffic and site authority (even spam sites). Also I have come across sites with PR 1, 2 and even 0 with good traffic and authority!!!

Note : I have seen the above results even in my own sites.

May be some people mayn’t agree but still I have Googled for reliable info on this topic and found this on – Search engine watch.

To me Page rank is for showcase, reputation, and for Black hat SEO for link sales ( which I dont encourage). Please know the consequences of buying links and Google Penalty on reading Google Penguin updates.

Please note : These are my views on Google page rank and if you want to share something from your experience please do it via comments so that others (readers) can learn and know from it !!! 🙂


Published on February 5th, 2013 by under Google Search Updates.
Article was last reviewed on February 6th, 2013.

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