How To Confirm Whether A Google Search Update Happened Or Not

Now a days everyone (seo experts and masters) are excited about the Google search because of its too frequent updates and drastic changes in the SERPS. Due to this fast pace in updates that is happening in Google, people are unable to follow the changes.

Usually most of the webmasters or site owners usually check in the Google web analytics and others (like sitecounter and histats) for the changes in the traffic and SERPS. But the problem here is that one cannot see changes in their  site in each and every update that is happening (it is very very rare because there may be many ups and downs in the SERPS).

This is how people identify the changes in the traffic.



Update can be identified by either increase (hike) or decrease (dip) in the traffic and after that people usually cross check to confirm the update in seo blogs which cover the seo news, if there is not hike or dip in the stats then there is no way for the people like this to know even if the update happened or not. In this post I am covering the tip that will help you be updated very easily about the updates that is happening.

The solution is : MOZCAST.COM – This is a website designed to update people about the changes in the SERPS in Google search and it is made by top seo experts in the industry like dr.pete and people from, and The working principle in this site is that they selected a group of random keywords (say 1000) and even randomized other factors like local rankings, data servers and regional based searches.

This is how they are gathering the data( technically they call it “delta” like delta 10 or delta 100. The data is nothing but the top 10 results of those keywords and they are computing them and making the result look fancy like the temperature degree (in °F) by a fixed multiplier (currently – 28).

CONFUSED ?? …. Dont worry! I will explain you simply ok!

Just follow the instructions and tips to analyse the mozcast data!

Below is the notation to follow the mozcast updates for changes in Google SERPS.

  1. The middle image is an average day with 70° (no update)
  2. The images in extremes denotes some update (either positive or negative)

mozcast notation

If you go to the website you can see the last 7 days and 30 days data which you to understand the ups and downs!

mozcast weekly mozcast analysis

Advantages of this analysis is that you need not research too much or login to some stats data in order to find the changes in the google search.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a promotional or sponsored post (that is the reason there is no back link too) also you can see other sites like, but I personally felt this is simple and cool. It your decision to choose the one which which is best for you.

ALSO NOTE: after seeing some sudden change in the data then you can cross check in this site for the confirmation of the update directly from the Google like the below update.

google panda update


We will take care about the confirmation of updates from Google or concerned authority sources for you 🙂 …. Don’t worry! Just follow us 🙂

Published on December 20th, 2012 by under SEO Tips.
Article was last reviewed on March 23rd, 2013.

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