How To Recover From Google Panda Update

Google’s Panda update, aimed at improving the quality of search engine results, has left webmasters reeling under shocks. Naturally, the sight of plummeting traffic is nothing short of shocking!

However, Panda is not just a ruthless body blow to domains, but a lot more. And understanding it in totality is the first step towards standing through the storm like an oak.

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Do you need to be worried?

If you rear any thoughts of success with your websites, you should be concerned. A good way to begin the analysis of how Panda affected your website would be to assess whether your traffic influx improves, remained stable, or dipped.

Party hard if you experienced improvement, the future is yours. Stay in your boots if no significant change occurred, but be careful. Traffic down? Get down to serious work, now is the time to act.

If you want to know if  your website/blog is affected with Google Panda or not, then you need to cross check with your traffic analyzing tools like Google Analytics, awstats, histats and so on. Observe the traffic tread on the day before and after panda update.

What does Google Panda aim to target?

At the receiving end of the algorithm update from Google are websites which:-

  • Serve you useless content, in other words thin content.
  • Work as content farms.
  • Clutter loads of ads on pages.
  • Are designed recklessly.
  • Remain stuck without updated content for long durations.
  • Have useless pages indexed in Google.

How can you control the damage and survive the Panda updates?

Arguably, the most important bit of information you could gather about the Panda algorithm update is – it can be survived! That’s true. The following tricks, if done in the right vein, are guaranteed to have you smiling through these testing times with Google’s search algorithms.

  1. Get rid of stinky content – If Google could engrave ‘Content in King’ in titanium and affix on the desk of every writer, blogger and webmaster, it would do! Panda is another step towards kicking away websites with less than valuable content. So, even if you have a couple of pages with low quality content the Panda update would penalize the entire domain; either improve or throw them away.
  2. Get into your viewers’ shoes, and bellies – Design for the user, do away with crazy designs that impair the readability and visibility of content.
  3. Break broken links – Nothing irritates viewers more than 404 error pages. Apparently, Google is getting equally irritated now that Panda is on. So, use efficient tools like Xenu Tool to fix all broken links.
  4. See ‘duplicity’ as Google sees it – Think before committing naïve errors such as having same Meta descriptions and keywords with posts that could be containing different information. However, Google could easily consider these posts as duplicates, so be smart while managing meta-descriptors.
  5. Leave greed in the box while placing ads – Google will penalize your website if you do not practice patience in managing ads. With many ads above the fold, Google’s Page Layout Algorithm has all the liberty and license to make your website suffer. Not only does ad clutter make it difficult for the visitors to navigate their way, it also hits the chances of referral traffic hard.
  6. Grab some helpful programs to add more substance to your present content – Doing away with spam content is important, as is getting the grammar in the writing right. Also, categorizing content logically is bound to yield good results. Know more about being active on social networks.

List Google Panda Updates

Version Release Date % of queries affected References
# 24 January 22, 2013 1.2 % of English click here
# 23 December 21, 2012 1.3 % of English click here
# 22 November 21, 2012 0.8 % of English click here
# 21 November 5, 2012 0.4 % Non English and 1.1 % of US in English click here
# 20 September 27, 2012 2.4% of English and 0.5% of non-English click here
# 3.9.2 September 18, 2012 0.7 % All search queries. click here
# 3.9.1 August 20, 2012 1% of all search queries click here
# 3.9 July 24, 2012 1% of all search queries click here
# 3.8 June 25, 2012 1% of all search queries click here
# 3.7 June 8, 2012 1% of all search queries click here
# 3.6 April 27, 2012 No data click here
# 3.5 April 19, 2012 No data click here
# 3.4 March 23, 2012 1.6% of all search queries click here
# 3.3 February 26, 2012 No data click here
3.2 January 15, 2012 No data click here
3.1 November 18, 2011 1% of all search queries click here
# 2.5.3 October 19/20, 2011 Minor Update (No details) click here
2.5.2 October 13, 2011 Minor Update (No details) click here
2.5.1 October 9, 2011 Minor Update (No details) click here
# 2.5 September 30, 2011 No data click here
2.4 August, 2011 No data click here
# 2.3 July 26,2011 No data click here
2.2 June 16, 2011 No data click here
2.1 May 10, 2011 No data click here
2.0 April 11, 2011 2 % of  search queries click here
1.0 February 24, 2011 No data click here

How can you control the damage and survive the Panda update?

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Article was last reviewed on March 23rd, 2013.

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