What are Google Panda updates ?

Google panda updates are introduced by Google search engine in their algorithm in order to eliminate low quality sites and content spam that are mainly concerned with the LOW QUALITY CONTENT.

The first panda update that happened in February 2011 literally shocked the seo world and webmasters because of the drastic changes that happened in the SERPS. Google replied on those updates that they are strictly working for the betterment of the search results for the better user experience.20121220-043551.jpg

Though there is an improvement in the quality of the sites that are showing in the search, there is a serious criticism that is still going on regarding the credibility of the sites that Google is preferring after the update.

Many SEO sites and webmasters clearly pointed out the flaws that even existed after the update but computer engineers from Google like Matt Cutts promised that those sites which are wrongly penalized for the concerned panda update will be rectified and corrected in the coming updates.

Why actually Google named this as “panda” update and the story behind this is that the concept of the content spam correcting technique is proposed by an Indian computer engineer (Google search team) and his name is Panda and that is how his name is awarded to the update.

FAQs related to Google panda updates.

1. How frequently Google is updating the SERPS based on panda?
Answer: Google never mentioned anything about the time at which an update can happen. So it can happen AT ANY TIME.

2. Is the penalty confined to a low quality page or whole website?
Answer : site wide penalty.

3. Tips on how to recover from the Google panda.
Answer: Make sure that you create an unique content and information for the site visitors and not for the search engines.

4. Is the penalty permanent ?
Answer : NO it can be corrected by trimming down the low quality content and by correcting the errors in the site settings and so on.

5. Till now how many updates have been made ?
Answer : approximately 24 updates are done till now. And there is no idea when will the next update happen.

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Published on December 19th, 2012 by under Google Search Updates.
Article was last reviewed on March 23rd, 2013.

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